Shane Ave: Building a Community through LGBTIQ Suits and Attire

When it comes to suits and shirts, many of us in the LGBTIQ community are at a loss as to where to turn. Those of us who prefer masculine looks are often relegated to menswear stores, where suits rarely fit and scrutiny from salespeople and other shoppers abound.

That’s why we created Shane Ave — to give every individual an inclusive, non-judgmental way to express themselves through fashion. Whether you need a wedding suit to wear to your best friend’s ceremony or matching same sex wedding suits for your own wedding, our expert tailors and stylists are committed to helping you look and feel your very best.
When it comes to women’s suits and gay clothing, we are the specialists that everyone is turning to for custom made suits in Australia.

A Boutique with a Focus on You

Shane Ave was founded as a means for LGBTIQ individuals to find a better way to highlight their personality. That’s why we offer custom female suits and gay suits for business casual, and formal occasions — each one made to fit your preferences.

Our customers turn to us for lesbian wedding suits, gay wedding suits and same sex wedding suits as well as a suit you can wear to the office or special event. We work with you to choose the best fabric type, color, pattern, and other features that can help you express your style and personality without sacrifice.

Order Bespoke Queer Suits Online

Having made countless custom made lesbian suits and gay clothing, we’ve learned a thing or two from our customers. That’s why we’re now proud to offer online ordering for bespoke queer suits so you can decide the buying experience that works best for you.

You’ll still have all the same fabric and style options online that are available in one of our boutique locations, along with the Shane Ave quality and tradition of excellence. Our new online ordering extends our service to a broader audience in the LGBTIQ community, putting quality custom made suits in everyone’s reach in Australia.