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LGBTIQ Style: What is Androgyny?

Androgyny comes up frequently in fashion and style, but its definition and characteristics are often blurred.

What Does Androgyny Mean?

The word ‘androgyny’ is a dual term: it comes from the Greek word ‘andro,’ which means man, and ‘gyny,’ which means woman. Therefore, ‘androgyny’ is a term used to describe something that has characteristics of both women and men.

Gender Ambiguity vs. Gender Identity

While correctly used to describe the way a person looks, the term ‘androgyny’ is often mistakenly used as a way to describe someone’s gender identity. However, it should be recognized that the ambiguity and identity are not interchangeable.

With gender ambiguity, it’s not immediately clear as to which gender a person identifies with. Since they have characteristics of both male and female, whether it’s their voice, facial features, or clothing choices, gender is obscured.

On the other side of the coin, gender identity is the gender that a person identifies with. It has nothing to do with physical appearance, including choices like clothing, hair styles, or occupations.

Androgyny in Fashion

Androgynous fashions can be worn by males and females alike, regardless of their gender identity. This particular style has been an answer to avoid typical gender stereotypes and allow the wearer to dress however they please.

This style has come a long way in recent decades and is now more widely available. From high-fashion bespoke suits to simple jeans and t-shirts, androgynous fashions are transforming what comfort and clothing can be and how a person’s unique styles are perceived.

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