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Lapels on Formal Wear

Lapels are too often considered an afterthought to a suit, but this fine detail can bring together your entire look. Let’s explore some of the lapel options for your custom suit:

Why Lapel Style Matters for LGBTIQ Formal Wear

From Gatsby to GQ, the construction of your suit matters. It’s all about the details, and your lapel style can help you make the right statement.

Lapels are the flaps of fabric on a blazer or suit jacket on each side of the opening. They sit right below the shirt collar and fold back to expose the shirt under the jacket. Lapels come in many sizes and styles, and a simple change to your lapel can ultimately change the entire look of your suit.

Types of Lapels

Lapels come in three main types: shawl, notch, and peak.

Shawl Lapels

Shawl lapels have rounded edges as opposed to crisp lines that make for a smooth appearance. This style is most common on tuxedos or attire for formal events and not usually used in professional settings.

Notch Lapels

Distinguished by a small vee in the top portion of the lapel, this small opening sits near the bottom of the shirt collar at a 75- to 90-degree angle. This type of lapel is the most common and is seen on sports jackets, blazers, and suits.

Peak Lapels

Peak lapels are usually the most expensive type of lapel because they’re more difficult to tailor. These are characterized by a sharp rise, or “peak” in the same area as notch lapels, but the “notch” is smaller and the lines are sharper. This is considered the most formal type of lapel,but they’re suitable for nearly any event or occasion.

Double-breasted suits almost always have peak lapels, but bespoke suits give you the flexibility to choose.

Lapel Width

Each type of lapel can come in different widths. Slimmer widths can accentuate a petite or feminine frame while removing much of the masculinity associated with lapels.

Width is measured at the widest horizontal part of the lapel from the outer edge to the inner edge. Slim lapels usually measure 2.25”-2.5”, while standard lapels range from 3”-3.5”. Larger frames may want to opt for wide lapels, which are 3.75”-4.5”.

Not sure which lapel type is most flattering for your figure? Come see us for a consultation and let us help you find a style you’ll love.