Deb’s Corner

Jacket Vents: Exploring Your Options to Find Your Style

Can a vent pull together the entire look of a suit? You might be surprised.

Vents are the slits you see at the bottom on the backside of a blazer or suit jacket. They originated out of pure function during military-on-horseback days to make wearing a jacket more comfortable to the rider. These splits allow for more moveability and less restriction or bunching while sitting.

Though horseback travel is minimal today, vents still provide the same functionality. They offer easier access to the back pockets on your pants, and as an added bonus, they also bring a heightened sense of fashion to jackets and blazers.

Let’s take a look at the different vent options and how they flatter different body types:

Single Vents

Also called center vents, a single vent is a slit in the middle of the back of a jacket. Single vents are popular options if you have a rear end that sticks out. This is because the “flap” created by a double vent can hang off your bottom and fail to lay flat, which creates gaps and makes for an uneven look.

Single vents are the more common choice. You see this option in more off-the-rack suits because they’re easy and inexpensive to make.

Double Vents

Also called side vents, double vents are two splits on the back of a blazer or jacket (one on each side of the center). Double vents are ideal for accentuating your physique. They offer a more forming fit with sleek lines and even provide an illusion of height.

They’re considered a higher-end option since they’re less common than center vents and usually require a custom tailor.

Double vents also provide more movement and less restriction, just like they did when they were first introduced centuries ago. If you plan on sitting frequently in your formalwear, double vents are usually an ideal option.

No Vents

Vents aren’t a requirement. Ventless jackets are fairly common and offer a sleek, slimming appearance.

Because movements are more restricted with ventless jackets, it’s not an ideal solution if you’re carrying a lot of extra weight. This style is usually ideal for leaner bodies that don’t mind trading a little comfort for a polished appearance.

Also, keep in mind that it’s not just about how your jacket looks, but also how you feel wearing it. Schedule a consultation with one of our expert tailors and experience a style and fit that’s made for you.