Deb’s Corner

Jacket Pocket Rules for Formal Wear

Pants aren’t your only pocket considerations when customizing your suit. Most off the rack jackets have some assortment of pockets, but going bespoke means you get to decide where those pockets should be and how big they are.

Let’s look at the top considerations for jacket pockets in LGBTIQ formalwear:

Pocket Styles

Aside from lapels and vents, pocket style can go a long way in solidify your style. Some are more formal or widely used than others, but the end result should give you a balance of look and function.

Patch Pockets

Originally the favorite for blazers, patch pockets are sewn directly onto the jacket. They offer a more casual tone and are usually large enough to be functional.

Flap Pockets

This versatile pocket offers sleek style and it seen in a variety of formal and informal settings. Designated by a flap of fabric that folds over the pocket opening, most wearers love the flexibility of style flap pocket designs offer.

Jetted Pockets

Similar to welt pockets on pants, jetted pockets are internal pockets that make the jacket look sleek and polished. They’re unobtrusive and almost undetected, which can make you look flawless and pulled together.

The Pocket Square

Breast pockets are more common than not on just about any type of suit jacket. If you opt for a breast pocket, you should consider adding a pocket square to your ensemble for certain occasions.

Pocket squares are small pieces of fabric that are partially tucked into the breast pocket. It almost looks like a small flower emerging from the pocket. You can choose a pocket square to complement or contrast your suit or tie color, depending on the event you’re attending.

Our expert stylists and designers can help you choose the right pockets and pocket square to turn your ensemble into a one-of-a-kind reflection of you. Contact us today for a consultation to discover your options.